The Reference turntable is based on our 1963 Reference and employs a low-speed, recoil start synchronous motor on a single spring mounting driving the platter via a neoprene belt, thereby providing complete vibration insulation. The main bearing is manufactured from high-grade aluminium with two pressed fit P.T.F.E bushes at either end of the housing ensuring minimum contact with the bearing spindle, which it self comprises of a silver steel shaft and aluminium hub running on to a ceramic ball bearing. Platter speed is determined by the A.C mains frequency, which is effectively constant. Speed changing is accomplished by moving the drive belt from one motor pulley to the other.


Platter 305mm diameter machined from a solid billet of aluminium with a polished finish.
Inertia Weights Fitted with six aluminium inertia platter weights. The record is supported on neoprene pads, thereby reducing rumble and induced static to an absolute minimum.
Plinth 20 mm clear or black acrylic.
Isolation Feet Fixed aluminium fitted with sorbothane hemispheres.
Lid Clear acrylic fitted with two friction hinges
Main bearing Slim sectioned ball-ended ground and polished silver steel spindle running onto a ceramic ball bearing and hardened steel thrust plate.
Motor Single-phase synchronous, recoil start.
Tonearm N/A
Tonearm Boards Available for most new and classic arms.
Power requirement 115vac or 240vac, single-phase, 50 Hz or 60Hz.
Speeds 33.3 and 45 r.p.m.


Width 440 mm
Depth (lid closed) 420 mm
Depth (lid open) 520 mm
Height (lid closed) 160 mm
Height (lid open) 500 mm

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Designer David Gammon
Year 1977
Country of origin Carlow, Ireland


Designer David Gammon
Year 1975
Country of origin Carlow, Ireland


Designer David Gammon
Country of origin
Carlow, Ireland


Designer David Gammon
Year 1968
Country of origin England & Carlow, Ireland

Hydraulic Reference

Designer David Gammon
Year 1964
Country of origin England


Designer David Gammon
Year 1963/1964
Country of origin England


Designer David Gammon
Year 1963
Country of origin England
The original Reference turntable featured a shaded-pole AC motor and had a variable speed range from 25rpm to a maximum of 80 rpm. Fitted with a one-piece removable arm board that ran the entire depth of the plinth. A Marine grade plywood plinth, hand painted black and finished off with polished aluminium trim and acrylic lid. A hand polished, cast aluminium platter fitted with three solid brass inertia weights. Provision was also provided for the sweep arm and stylus brush. Components were sub-contracted and manufactured by Almer Components, the same company David Gammon worked as chief engineer.