Turntable Servicing

Our products are now well over sixty years old and even though they were designed for minimal upkeep, there comes a point when a full service is required to keep them in good running order for the next fifty years. We offer a full service and repair for all our products manufactured between 1960 – 1973, including the licensed J A Michell hydraulic reference turntable.

  • Reference
  • Hydraulic Reference
  • Saturn
  • Skeleton
  • Round
  • Transcriber

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Tonearm Servicing

As with our turntables, the tonearms are also reaching an age when a service is required. Wiring looms start to break down with age and with that comes loss channels, and hum. We offer a full service and repair for all our tonearms including full rewire including internal wiring loom, pivots, cartridge clips

  • Fluid
  • Saturn
  • Vestigal
  • Microtracer (Transcriber)

Transcriptors Vestigal Tonearm

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